Tip: MSDTC TimeTrak Errors

Do you find that the TimeTrak Outlook add-in, TimeTrak professional website or TimeTrak Admin Console give you errors that display MSDTC issues? If this applies to you and you frequently get annoying TimeTrak errors there is an easy solution!

03 April 2017

Mobile Users can now view unpaid invoices from the posting screen.

Do your mobile users issue invoices and create payments against debtor accounts? In TimeTrak, from version, there is now the ability for mobile users to view all transactions against a client from the posting screen that the logged in user has created.

17 March 2017

Future Time Entries Sync to Outlook

Is Outlook as well as TimeTrak used to manage staff within your organisation? Do you require all future time entries, which are generally only annual leave to synchronise to Outlook?

10 March 2017

Wage Cost in User Settings

The purpose of this whitepaper is to give users an overview and understanding of the follow on effect of adding a wage cost against the user set up in the Admin Console.

10 March 2017

Setting up an Exosoft database connection

Do you have a new staff member that requires access to Exosoft products like EziView, CopierTrak, TimeTrak Administrator Console or JIBE? Or would you like to set up connections to these programs on additional staff members PC’s?

22 February 2017

PC MSDTC Settings

TimeTrak uses Windows inbuilt MSDTC function to update both the MYOB Exo and TimeTrak databases at the same time to ensure your data is in real time. This tip shows you the settings on your PC that are required in order for TimeTrak’s Outlook Add-in and TimeTrak Professional Disbursements and Posting to work without issues. 

20 February 2017

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